Zapable Review – Evolution Of App Creation

Is there an APP for that? Find out how you can make up to $5,000 tomorrow with Zapable. The simple, point and click APP builder by Andrew and Chris Fox.

Product: Zapable Evolution
Creators: Andrew and Chris Fox
Official site:

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You don’t need Silicon Valley with Zap Able

ranmus zapHere’s the thing, you really don’t need to be engineer or a coder to create profitable  mobile apps. I’m talking about apps that can be sold for thousands of dollars and generate passive monthly income for years to come.

In fact, you don’t even need an idea for an app to start profiting with Zapable Evolution.  There is such a demand for local apps that all you have to do is let the business  come to you.

What do I mean by that?

Most businesses don’t even realize that they can have an app created for them for a few hundred or thousands dollars. I’m talking restaurants, shops, hotels, and and other small businesses are on the constant look out for new and innovative ways to reach and connect with their customers.  And what better way than with a mobile app? Unlike desktops, laptops or even tablets, 99% of people have a mobile phone on  them every single moment of the day.

Creating A Local App

Despite of 100 versions of Floppy Bird and Candy Crush there is a big void in the mobile apps for local businesses. Remember the 2000 Dot Com boom? Where every business wanted to get online and paid tens of thousands of dollars for a single website? This is what exactly what is happening with Apps right now and you can get a front row seat.  Just check out how easy it is to create an app with Zapable Evolution.

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How About Affiliate Marketing?

If you’re not into local marketing and want to take the affiliate side, this is also possible with Zap Able evolution. In fact, the first app I ever build with it was an based around Survival affiliate offers.

Creating Affiliate Marketing App

Step 1: App details

This is pretty straight forward. Just had to input a name and use example ID to create the App Id. I decided to do an app in the survival niche. I always loved the shows about it, so here we go.


Step 2: The Visuals

Here Zapable offers a wide range of done for you themes, navigation layouts colors schemes, background and header settings. So you can create a professional app in minutes.

However, Zapable also gives you the ability to customize and personalize your app with just a few clicks. You can upload images, backgrounds and icons to make the app really stand out.


For this example I uploaded a custom header (that took 2 minutes with and gray background with a mountain vector. Simple, fast and looks good.

For better looking apps you can use the resources in the training area or just use fiverr. For 5 bucks you can get a icons, backgrounds and everything else for your app.

Step 3: Features

Now we get to the actual content of the app. This has tons of features from social media and opt-in forms to setting up appointments, coupons and catalogs.

Here are just the recommend and my app.



This is just my first app so I went with just a simple 4 features.

1. The Kit -This is where the app will have a list of all the must-have items for any survival kit. Basic but packs value.

2. Get Updates – Here I’ll collect emails with an opt-in form to send promos and affiliate products.

3. Survival Videos – Just my favorite survival videos from YouTube

4. Get A Free Torch – Here is where I’ll use an affiliate program that gives away free survival torches (just pay shipping and handling).  Once they buy the complete product I’ll earn commissions.

That is just one example of an app you can build to earn affiliate commissions.


The Unlimited Potential Of Zapable

How much  do you want to make? $10,000? 50,000? A $100,000?

Let put this into a perspective. I’m from NYC and there are almost 200,000 small businesses (500 people or less) in NYC alone.  Now I would only have to build build apps for 20 businesses to make $100,000 if I charged $5,000 per app.  That is only 0.01% of all small businesses in New York City.

So if you want to make $10k, all you need is 2 businesses or 3-5 if you want to undercharge for the apps. Not sure is is that easy? Just search for 10 local businesses in your area using a phone book or Google places and offer to create an app for them. I’m sure that you will get at least 1 client right off the bat.

So what are you waiting for?

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Zapable Evolution Bonus

After creating a dozens of apps with Zap Able I’m already familiar with what works best. As a bonus I’ll give you my personal list of tge most profitable niches with mobile apps (both affiliate and local). On top of hat I’ll show you how you can find the perfect buyer for your app without calling a single business.

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